Catherine Hickland in Los Angeles

'Catherine Hickland’s Comedy Hypnosis and Other Mind Amazements

One Night Only July 28th

at The El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood on the Debbie Reynolds Main Stage

Meet & Greet After Performance


When is the last time you had real fun?

Catherine Hickland’s Comedy Hypnosis and Other Mind Amazements is a mind-bending experience like none other!

Actress, author and Hypnotist Catherine Hickland takes you on a subconscious journey through the incredible that will leave you crying with laughter and pondering the boundaries of mental power.

Watch as the impossible becomes real. Shy audience members are transformed into the stars of the show.

The unknowable is revealed.

The science of the mind is turned into something that’s intriguing, romantic, and poetic all at once. 

Catherine and her special guest, America’s Best Mentalist,  Jon Stetson, blend the incredible science of the mind with the art of mentalism.

This exclusive event is the first of its kind, and is presented as a one-night only premiere in an intimate setting for a select audience.

If you’ve ever wondered how the power of love, imagination, and amazement could be woven together into a single experience, Make your reservation for this limited event now. 

See the show, or BE the show!

There will be a meet and greet in the lobby immediately following the performance.